"There's something different about Wenatchee."


You (yes, you reading this) are unique. In all the world, past, present and future, billions upon billions of people, not 1 person has your eyes. Only you. We are all different and that's good.


In our Wenatchee Valley there are happy people and hurting people, some are celebrating together and others don't have friends to encourage them. Maybe that's you, maybe that's me.


But when something happens to one of us it happens to all of us. There is a Call in our community to be better, to stay united and to do good in our own town and around the world.


MyWenatchee is answering The Call by sharing stories of the beauty and trials in the greater Wenatchee Valley. Whether that is a Friday night football game or documenting those struggling to stay alive, our goal is to be a place where people can tell their story.

This is our town. These are our stories. Welcome to My Wenatchee.